Your Guide to Saving on Medicare Plans

How to Choose a Plan

You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year by choosing the least expensive Medicare Part D Drug Plan or Medicare Advantage Plan that meets YOUR needs. Here's how to get started:

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    Find the best plan

Watch this Video:

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Choosing the best Medicare D or Medicare Advantage plan can be next to impossible. In some areas you can choose from over fifty possible plans.

A 2012 study showed that the average person on Medicare D who is taking a specific group of medicines could save $368/year by choosing a different plan which covers the same medicines. This translates to $20 billion/year for the 55 million people on Medicare and over $2 billion/year for veterans and their spouses on Medicare. Many people will save significantly more.

Medicare Advantage plan savings are potentially greater - watch the video to learn more.

Contact the SHIP program in your state for individual counseling on Medicare and other insurance options.

Open enrollment dates to choose a new Medicare D or Advantage plan are October 15 - December 7.