We recommend: 1. Read how this can save you to hundreds to thousands of dollars/year 2. Watch the video 3. Print the Medicare Website Guide 4. Go to www.medicare.gov 5. Find your least expensive insurance plan

Choosing the best Medicare D or Medicare Advantage plan can be next to impossible. In some areas you can choose from over fifty possible plans, which cover different medicines, and have different copays, premiums and deductibles.

A 2012 study showed that the average person on Medicare D who is taking a specific group of medicines could save $368/year by choosing a different plan which covers the same medicines. Many people will save much more than this. This study found that only 5% of people chose the least expensive Medicare D plan.

Medicare Advantage plan savings are potentially greater – watch the video below to learn more. After you see the video: Print the Medicare website guide then go to www.medicare.gov to learn how much you can save.

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Open enrollment dates to choose a new Medicare D or Advantage plan are October 15-December 7